noun, plural captivities.
1. The state or period of being held, imprisoned, enslaved, or confined.

If I will myself to someone…If I’m willing to give them all of me, to become theirs, to serve upon a person I’ve grown an honorable, trusting relationship with…Am I enslaved to them? Imprisoned within their boundaries? Confined to their word? Held at the throat forever, bound to their being?

Would you think it anomalous of me to say no…
I am free?

By relinquishing a piece of my heart to you, I find closure.
I renounce my body, mind, and soul, yours to take, in return for solace, devotion, love, dedication, comfort, release, and liberty, which I’ve found in you.
Conclusively, I believe it’s a pretty appreciable trade. I will give all of me, for all of you, just in divergent ways.