What do we want? Well I suppose, I can’t speak for all members of society that fall into one gender category, but I can speak for me, and that’s important. That right there is what ‘my man’ would need to get through his skull. I speak for me and only I know what I want.

All these other girls? They know what they want. Not what I want. So ask me if you want to know what I like. Trust me, I’m an expert in the field of me. We aren’t freakin’ jigsaw puzzles you have to try and figure out by yourself. I’d rather you ask me what I like, what I enjoy, what my passions are, than make assumptions.

Don’t treat us like we’re all the same.
We’re not some plastic-pop-out mold-fashioned barbies.

We’re all different.
We all have different exciting ambitions,
goals, dreams, needs, wants,
likes, dislikes,
turn-on’s, turn-off’s,
hot-spots, trigger-spots…
We all have contrasting emotional ranges,
things that put us in a bad mood,
things that make our hearts melt,
and our tummies flutter hard with pterodactyls.
We are all unique.

That being said, I may speak for myself only, when I tell you what I want in a man.

I want 4 a.m. phone calls when you can’t sleep because you’ve had a nightmare and you needed to hear my voice. I want you holding me tight every chance you get, like you never want to let go, no half-assed bullshit.

I want a man who’s not afraid to hurt me when I tell him I need it, but at the same time can respect my boundaries. A man who can fuck me senseless, leaving me in a trembling heap of bruises, blood, cum, and smudged mascara, but understands the importance of quality aftercare.

I want late night road trips, parked beneath the stars, having the most intricate discussions about the vastness of the galaxy, the interpretation of life, and all of Mother Nature’s creations. A man who can make me laugh and cry in the same deep, sentimental conversation, who I can trust with my secrets, as he does with me.

I want to stay out all night, just to watch the sun come up in your arms. I want random drives to the most beautiful little spots, even if they’re hours and hours away, those breathtaking gems of hideouts, the places that heal you internally and flood your soul with a sense of peace when in their presence.

I want simple little surprises that tell me he thought of me today, if only for a moment. I absolutely love surprises, and they don’t have to mean spending money…It could be a dinner made up when I come home after a long day, little handwritten love notes slipped into my bag. Or it could mean spending very little amounts of money. A new book on my dresser, the one I’ve been excited about. A date night at the movies. A new dress on the bed with a note that says “Put this on, we have reservations.” I’ve never got to experience affectionate gestures like that. Ever. I give so much of myself, and I’m not used to it being reciprocated. But it’s about time it is. I deserve it. I don’t want a man for material satisfactions. I want the tightest cuddles, the gentlest caresses, and the softest kisses to wipe my tears away.

I want him to understand that some days it’s a struggle and an accomplishment for me to even get out of bed and get dressed in the morning, and that depression, anxiety, and fibromyalgia take a toll on a body.

I want him to be able to soothe my heart, soul, and body, with the kindest words and the most caring touch after I’ve endured a rough scene, or tough day. A man who I can count on to be there for me when I need them to drop everything and be at my side, as I’d do for him, who I can trust with my life, my essence, my entire being.

I want a man who’s able to walk into the most feminine store, confident and unashamed, because he’s getting his girl something special – A man who’s not embarrassed to hold my bag while I run into a store, watch me try on heels or dresses at the fitting rooms, or run into Walmart to get tampons when I’m curled up on the couch with my hot water bottle and feel like death.

I want a man who will read Walt Whitman and Poe to me until I fall asleep, tuck me in, kiss my cheek, and think “Wow, how did I get so lucky.” A man who will give me comfort because he notices my little mannerisms when I’m upset, even when I say I’m fine.

Now, what I need…
What i need, is a man who will make me forget there ever was heartache before him…who makes me forget what it felt like to ever fall, to hurt, to suffer.
The one who will walk into my life and make me realize why it never worked out with anyone else. A Man with the most genuine, caring, affectionate soul, who can relate to me on a completely different level of intelligence, soul, and spirit.
I need a man who encourages, motivates, and inspires me, who builds me up and helps me be the best I can be, for him and myself.