Everything happened all at once
And the world is spinning like a hubcap, and not just because of the drugs
We hugged and laid there in each others’ arms all night
So we stayed until the edges of the sky turned light
I would have stay until our hair turned white

And I couldn’t imagine that I would ever be unhappy again
And I whispered in your ear that this moment is already a poem
The beautiful wounds that will keep me, you and this moment forever linked
To remind me when I fail myself, when I fail everyone around me
When I misfire and come tearing through your walls
When the cocktail of humiliation and pain poisons my veins
And this carnival of carnage, this mansion of garbage, this parking lot of carcasses, this heartbreak party drains the spirit that remains
That I have been a part of something worthwhile
To remind me of the pleasure your pulse
The measure of your breath
The rise and fall of our fortunes and our chests
These spectacular triumphs and flops
That even if that moment meant nothing to the universe, it’s the closest thing to God I’ve got
I’m so far from perfect
So far it’s been worth it…

– George Watsky