Just who the fuck do I think I am, anyway?

I see those golden fields, moon high in the sky, two glasses of wine, 

The image slipping away through these deceiving kaleidoscope lenses

Off in the distance I still hear the birds singing, 

But the crows will come and peck out their eyes,

Taking over with their black oiled wings,

Swallowing the sky.

I thought it’d be okay

So you be you, and I’ll be me.

The fate’s play their cruel, infernal little jokes

Taking advantage of my vulnerability

I must be completely delusional

One day it will kill me, I know

But is it really so terrible a thing

That my heart is of gold and dangling on my sleeve?

Who’s that standing in the mirror?

You must know me better, because I can’t recognize myself anymore.

Can we try this over?

Why does it always seem to be

No one ever needs me

As much as I need them?

I’ll just pretend…

Let these scars serve as a poignant reminder

Everything gets broken in time

Falling away and crumbling into space

I swear we could subsist through these calamities,

We could make it out of perdition.