Of course it is. Fuck this. Fuck you. You’re a coward. I wish I could tear my heart out and bury it far, far away. You’ve fucked me up worse than any drug ever could. You and your goddamned heroin eyes and that little fucking crooked smile. I want those little shattered pieces of my soul back.

I’m left with no one. No one.

Because somehow, some way, I’ve pushed absolutely everyone out of my fucking life. From depression and anxiety, rage and regret… And it all comes back to you.

My existence has become a barren vision, black holes where my eyes once saw beauty and dreams.

I wish your memory didn’t plague my mind with never ending questions of “why?” Or glowing eyes, or warm skin, or heartbeats in time.

I am still lost –

I mean, I can’t get myself together…

I sound crazy but,

I think I’m going crazy.

-Marilyn Monroe