The hardest thing I’d ever do
Is say goodbye and walk slowly away from you
But I’ll do it
And after all this time I shared with you
It seems unfair to leave with nothing more than blank stares
But I’ll do it
If it’s for the best then I wish you well
If it helps to say our life was a living hell
Well then do it
Then do it
Then do it

Don’t you ever forget about me
When you toss and turn in your sleep
I hope it’s because you can’t stop thinking about
The reasons why you close your eyes
I haunt your dreams at night
So you can’t stop thinking about me
Don’t stop thinking about me

Do you really think you could see this through
Put on a smile and wear it for someone new
Don’t you do it
‘Cause I know I’m not the easiest one to love
But every ounce I have
I invest in you
But no one said love’s not for taking chances

Will you take me back in the morning
If I promise to never act this way again
‘Cause I’m so bad at being lonely
But I don’t know how

Don’t stop thinking about me
Just close your eyes
And fall asleep tonight
-Sleeping With Sirens