The solace I sought is fleeting from under the sheets of this queen sized bed, the heat escapes as I toss and turn, with all of the succor that you once brought seeping out. An arctic presence replaces your space, filling in every indent and crease you’ve made. I feel the cold against my back and tug at the sheets. Even in your absence, you give me chills…But if you’re gone, how is this -any of this- even real? The wall’s making faces at me again. I hear them whisper.

     You told me “Darling, you light my soul on fire.”, but I’m nearly drowning in the gasoline without your spark. All I ever wanted was to burn with you.

     I think I saw you in my dreams. I can still feel you. I reach up and caress my throat. Your cool hand like a vice, gripping tight, and I could swear it’s real. These autumn nights mock me and leave me freezing at the core; Taunting and teasing , and it seems the moon and stars are even on your side. I pray for sleep as the skies betray me.