Don’t let me be.
Don’t let me be alone.

Crimson clouds fill the sky,
Rolling in monstrous and behemoth-like over this town.
It’s painting us red, it’s painting us…It’s painting…

Did you get the message? Did you understand?
Can you comprehend what was planned?
For us.

Are you terrified? Are you anxious?
This temperature drops and I don’t think I can stop it.
But just
Live for the moment and close your eyes,
Close your mind and just go.

Trust me, I’m trying to slow this plague,
It’s inevitable.
It’ll eat us alive, it’ll eat us…it’ll eat…

Clear the cobwebs from your mind, shake out the spiders,
Please stay alive a little longer, lovely…
I’ll hold on ’til then.
Paint us red.
Paint us…