Nobody thinks what I think,
Nobody dreams when they blink
Think things on the brink of blasphemy
I’m my own shrink
Think things are after me, my catastrophe
I’m a kitchen sink,
You don’t know what that means
Because a kitchen sink to you
Is not a kitchen sink to me, OK friend?
Are you searching for purpose?
Then write something, yeah it might be worthless
Then paint something then, it might be wordless
Pointless curses, nonsense verses
You’ll see purpose start to surface
No one else is dealing with your demons
Meaning maybe defeating them
Could be the beginning of your meaning, friend.

Go away
Leave me alone

Nobody thinks what you think, no one
Empathy might be on the brink of extinction
They will play a game and say
They know what you’re going through
And I tried to come up with an artistic way to say
They don’t know you, and neither do I
So here’s a prime example of a stand up guy
Who hates what he believes and loves it at the same time
Here’s my brother and his head’s screwed up
But that’s alright.

21 Pilots-Kitchen Sink

     When asked what a kitchen sink meant to him, Tyler responded: “One of the reasons why I started writing music in the first place was to address some of these big questions I had. One of them being “what’s the point?” I know it sounds dramatic, but it’s something that was haunting me – what’s the point of everything that we do? Really looking for purpose is a huge reason to exist. So I found that creating something that only you understand can be the beginning of purpose for you. So for me, something important in my life happened to me at a kitchen sink. And in my darkest hour, when deciding whether or not to continue or not, I realized that if I don’t continue, no one will be around to explain what that lyric means. So it… helps me. So creating something whether it’s a journal, or a piece of artwork, something that you don’t reveal the meaning of, can help you know that if you leave, no one will be around to explain this. So in short, I’m not going to tell you what that kitchen sink means to me because I need it to be only known by me.”

Reference:Tyler & Josh on Reddit