Thank you for being abusive, manipulative, sociopathic assholes. Thank you for being alcoholics and drug addicts. Thank you for beating the shit out of me, telling me I wasn’t good enough, and never believing in me. Thank you for using me for just as long as you needed, before suddenly dropping off the earth. Thank you for choosing her instead of me. Thank you for shattering my self-image and crumbling my confidence…

Because of you, I am better than I ever was before. Because of you I can appreciate what I have now to the fullest extent and never take the ones I love for granted. I can feel in depth the compassion and empathy I express to my friends. I acknowledge the little things in life, smell the roses, and take in the wonders of my surroundings.

Because of you, I am quick to recognize red flags. I am able to identify users and abusers quickly and accurately. I can easily weed out poisonous people in my life, burn bridges without regret, and have learned that it’s not worth it to even look back at what was. My eyes are fixed on the horizon in front of me, and I will continue marching straight into the sun.

Because of you, I can love deeper, trust wholly, and serve honestly, because I know that the select few I allow into my life are good and true people that I trust, honor, and respect. I am able to give much more of myself now that you’re done sucking me dry. I will not be your bloodbag anymore, or ever again.

Because of you, I’ve been able to be free. I’ve met amazing people. Some of those people build me up and give me a reason to fight. Every minute I spend with those people, my self-worth increases. They genuinely care about me. It’s not a façade like you put on, or a selfish plea of attention. It’s real, true affection. Something I’d never be able to experience, had I stayed in your life.

Because of you, I can love…Wholly and true…and it feels unbelievably incredible to be able to do that and know that they aren’t trying to burn me up. I will continue to love and be loved without you, and I will be grateful for every moment I get to do so.

I am free.