Eight Ways To Win My Heart…♥

1 – Be able to hold a conversation. Late night talks that go on for hours let me get to know you better and create connection. Electricity. I want to know about your aspirations, your biggest, wildest dreams, your hidden talents, where you see yourself in 10 years, your passions, hobbies, and fears. I want to know you. This also lets me trust you more. Be honest and kind with your words.

2 – Pay attention to detail. If you notice the little things I do and enjoy, it makes me feel like you’re genuinely putting an effort into what we have, no matter what kind of relationship that entails. Surprise me with something that lets me know you were paying attention. Remember how I take my coffee, where my favorite cafes, bakeries and shoppes are, and who my favorite authors and musicians are.

3 – Be spontaneous. I like to escape. A lot. I like spur of the moment travels, last minute plans, and random adventures. You’d better be down for a drive at 2am to the mountains for just a day trip or a hike. Even better – tell me where you want to go at 2am, and let’s just go. I don’t care if it’s just a walk around the block. There’s some great hiking trails through the rockies that I enjoy more than anything. They’re my happy places. I am at peace when I go there, and I want to share those experiences with someone who can appreciate them as much as I.

4 – Be Inquisitive. When you ask me questions, or ask me to explain or elaborate on areas of my life, it makes me feel as if you care, and that you want to get to know me as well. I’m an open book, and love sharing stories.

5 – Read To Me. Words are my inspiration. It could be poetry, or a novel, or even a journal entry or blog post. I love words. I love what they can do for a human soul, how they can create images and emotions just from some blotted ink on a piece of paper. It’s a beautiful thing.

6 – Embrace My Little. There’s no better feeling than having your hair brushed and being sang to, while receiving random neck kisses. Hold my hand to cross the street. Hold me and tell me you’ll keep me safe. Play with my hair and cuddle me. Color with me. Run me a bubble bath, and actually stay in the bathroom with me and play. It’s a part of me, and if I express it, it means you’re special and I trust you with that vulnerable side of myself.

7 – Have Superior Aftercare. Tight cuddles, blankies, water and kisses. Reassuring words help tremendously. Tell me why you like me, why you enjoyed our scene, or how I make you feel. Aftercare for me is intimate and serious, and I don’t take it lightly. Be willing to take as much time as I need to collect myself and my thoughts. Of course, this is reciprocated based on what you need as well.

8 – Incorporate Some Romance. Yeup. I’m not asking for a box of fucking chocolates and a giant bouquet. Romance can be so many things. Dancing, cuddles, dinner. A walk in the park. A single rose. Cute notes slipped into my bag. I don’t want you to spend unnecessarily, especially because I’m not in the position to reciprocate that.